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People who I might commission someday by Mani-Hime

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September 21, 2011


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I know some people are interested in buying Creepy Pony art of their original character ponies, and I'd love to get a little extra money, so here's the deal:


Price Info

The prices are (in USD):

Word Vomit by aisu-ismeZombie Fluttershy by aisu-ismeThe Flim-Flam Thing by aisu-isme

$25 black and white ponies
+ $20 each extra pony

Varinia by aisu-isme

$30 colored ponies 
+ $20 each extra pony

Payments must be sent by Paypal.


Slots Info

Here is how my commission slots work. I will take a couple of commissions at a time, and when they are finished I will open up more slots. When I open the slots, I will post a journal saying so and tell you the number of slots that I've opened. This is the time to send a note. If you send a note before I open slots or after they have filled up, I will not take your commission. You will have to wait until more slots open up to try again.

If you get one of the slots, I will put you on the "Reserve List". When I move you to the To-Do List, that means I am about to start working on your pony and I need you to send payment. I will send you a note with my Paypal and ask for you to send your payment. If you are on the reserve list, watch for a note from me asking for you to send your payment.

If you do not send your payment within three days of me asking for it, I will drop your commission to the bottom of the reserve list and move on to the next commission. I'll send you a note to alert you of your spot change and you will have to wait until I ASK YOU to send the money again before you send it. And if you miss your payment twice, I will drop you from the reserve list completely and you will have to send me your info again when there's an empty slot.

I do not start drawing your commission until the Payment has been received. The commission is usually done within 48 hours of the payment being sent unless there are complications in my schedule (which I will usually alert you of).


Form Info

To buy one, please send me this form in a Note while there are slots open, and I'll give you my Paypal address so you can send me the money.

Commission Type:
Name of Pony: (can be an oc, canon pony, background pony, or occasionally a crossover pony)
Reference Image: (can be from the pony creator… )
Cutie Mark and Special Talent: (an image of the cutie mark would help a lot, too)
Short Personality Description: (tell me about your pony)
What You're Okay With: (if you'd rather not have any sexual themes or you can't take too much gore, tell me here)
Anything Else: (special requests here)

That should be enough info for me to draw you a good pony. (: If you have any special requests you can tell me them, but I want to have a good amount of freedom to make these have good concepts and stuff, so try not to be too restricting about it. A good special request would be something like "try to include socks", not "please have her lying on her back with her hooves in the air and a rose in her mouth and her pet dragon flying above her". xD; That would take all the fun out of creating these, lol!


Other Info

I DO NOT take point commissions.  Trades are NOT open. Requests, naturally, are also NOT open.

I will only accept trades when I either (a) am very close friends with the person, or (b) I want a piece of their artwork and I ask to start a trade with them. In the future I will do lotteries and such to allow people I don't know to do trades with me, but for now trades are closed. Fanart of my original characters, however, is always welcome, just remember that I will not draw you anything in return! xD;  My OCs can be seen here:…



1. AK71 of… in BW $5
2. IsilwenShadewind of… in BW $5
3. McGack of… in BW $5
4. raincloudriot of… in BW *trade for a drawing
5. WWJCP of… in COLOR $10
6. xarazura of… in BW *trade for a drawing
7. McGack of… in BW $5
8. xarazura of… in BW $5
9. etramors of… in BW *trade
10. ThatOneZombieWolf of in BW $5
11. xMetalKitty of… and… in BW $10
12. AHSystemDown of… in BW $5
13. KadiKawiiChaniex3 of kadikawiichaniex3.deviantart.c… in BW *trade
14. Kaloyan-Alett of… in BW $5
15. xarazura of… in BW $5
16. DnaFactor of… in BW $5
17. McGack of… in BW $5
18. Kaloyan-Alett of… (version2) in BW $5
19. Cat-cly of… in BW $5
20. DnaFactor of Vinyl Scratch in BW $5
21. Cuppae of Scootaloo in BW *trade
22. graffiti-flower of… in BW *trade
23. AHSystemDown of… in BW $5
24. weepysheep of… in BW $5
25. DnaFactor of Octavia in BW $5
26. Jrakob of… in COLOR $10
27. Icaron of… in BW $5
28. miserybahamut of Grimsprocket… in BW $5
29. miserybahamut of Amaretto Sour… in BW $5
30. luga12345 of… in BW $10
31. DnaFactor of Vinyl Scratch, Metal Sky, and Octavia in BW $15
32. PhuiJL of… in BW (Kiriban)
33. xarazura of… in BW $5
34. DnaFactor of Vinyl Scratch and Metal Sky in BW $10
35. McGack of… in BW $5
36. Bally-Vhern of in BW $5
37. xXArxaithXx of… in BW $5
38. AmigoDan of Big Mac in BW $5
39. AmigoDan of Derpy in BW $5
40. NTSTS of Rarity in BW $10
41. Fenwolf2003 of Pinkamina and Applejack in BW $10
42. DnaFactor of Trixie in BW $5
43. AHSystemDown of Ralph and Jack Merridew in BW $10
43. Fenwolf2003 of Spitfire and Blueball Blitz in BW $10
44. DnaFactor of Lyra and Bon Bon in BW $10
45. AHSystemDown of… in BW $5
46. cosplayrandom of… in BW $5
47. cosplayrandom of… in BW $5
48. Benito-Fury of in BW $5
49. CommanderKnoxville of… in BW $10
50. CommanderKnoxville of… in BW $10
51. CommanderKnoxville of… in BW $10
52. AmigoDan of… in BW $10
53. Kittenshy of… in BW $10
54. ElvisDitto of… in BW $10
55. ElvisDitto of… in BW $5
56. Neko-Kotori of… in BW $10
57. TheKeikoIsALie of xxbloodlustbiatchxx.deviantart… in BW (+cute pony) $15
58. YamatoxXxOnee-San of yamatoxxxonee-san.deviantart.c… and… in BW $20
59. Hindaloo of in BW $10
60. A-Mad-God of… in BW $15
61. Neko-Kotori of… in BW $10
62. MyLittleLuckyWish of mylittleluckywish.deviantart.c… in BW $10
63. MoneyBags93 of… in BW $10
64. DisfiguredStick of… in BW *trade
65. zara-thuztra of… in BW $10
66. Mark of Sunshower in BW $5
67. DnaFactor of Daring Do in BW $10
68. DnaFactor of Spitfire in BW $10
69. DnaFactor of Princess Luna in BW $10
70. ThisNameIsNotProfane of Lil Miss Rarity in BW $10
71. ThisNameIsNotProfane of Lil Miss Rarity and Sweetie Belle in BW $20
72. ThisNameIsNotProfane of Lil Miss Rarity, Sweetie Belle, and… in BW $30
73. colourcodedchaos of Twilight Sparkle in BW $10
74. linkshade of Nyx and Luna in COLOR $35
75. Matthew Steele of Famine Pony in BW $10
76. L4m3ness of… and… in BW $20
77. L4m3ness of… and… in BW $20
78. pinkiepiefan of… and Pinkie Pie in BW $20
79. Icaron of… in BW $10
80. securitywyrm of in BW $10
81. Starlyk of in BW $10
82. mea0113 of… in BW $10
83. rhodecyl of… in BW $10
84.  Icaron of… in BW $10
85. Voltage-X of… in BW $10
86. Voltage-X of… and…  in BW $20
87. xMetalKitty of… in BW $10
88. Lazy-Derp of… in BW $10
89. DnaFactor of Flitter and Cloudchaser in BW $20
90. HealOverTime of Sweet Meets in BW $10
91. EvilFurrySkull of… in BW $10
92. RidleySilverlake of… in BW $10
93. Icaron of… in BW $15
94. TeamLars of Vinyl Scratch in BW $10
95. punkbawkchicken of… in BW $10
96. Akatsuki-Art of Moptop in BW *trade
97. MidoriReika of… in BW $10
98. ZeroPegasi of… in BW $10
99. Clawshawt of in BW $10
100. EthePony of… and… in BW $20
101. King-Candy of Rarity and… in BW $20
102. baroskos of Pinkamina and Fluttershy in BW $20
103. PheonixxFoxx of… in BW $10
104. meiresthaimoros of… in BW $10
105. meiresthaimoros of… in BW $10
106. Desiat of… in BW $10M
107. Lazy-Derp of… in BW $10
108. GrimmSouls of… in BW $10
109. baroskos of Rarity and Applejack in BW $25
110. baroskos of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash in BW $25
111.  Xialtenso of… in BW $10
112. rangerbreyer of… in BW $15
113. Norsemin of Big Mac in BW $15
114. Sasha-Arctic of… and… in BW $25
115. ArgoForg of Fluttershy & Cockatrice Pony in BW $25
116. Dax-Rattler of Rarity in BW $15
117. AK47Smith of… in BW $25
118. eclipsesongs of… in BW $15
119. meiresthaimoros of in BW $15
120. joshuatilpinrocks of in BW $15
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